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A & Associates Security Solutions

Quality services you can count on! A & A Security has made a name for itself by providing industrial, commercial, office, and construction site security. With new threats continually  arising, securing what is most valuable is crucial.

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Welcome to A&A Security Solutions

Our Mission

* Determine existing security compromises to personnel, facilities, and assets
* Coordinate with clients to develop relevant plans for complete security
* Integrate seamlessly into clients daily operations
* Provide adequate, professional, and focused service to entities


Without question, the quality of security is determined by the quality of individuals. A&A Security (License # B2300065) exists as a branch of our firm, which is comprised of a Staffing, Security and Healthcare Division. Our partnership with Staffing enables us to screen a large number of candidates who our given a thorough background check. After adequate licensing requirements are met, candidates are positioned based upon client need and preference.

Un-Armed and Armed Training School

The state of Florida requires all security guards to be licensed through the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Licensing Division. By training and certifying our own guards, we can ensure guards receive quality training and preparation for diverse positions. Our aim is to provide security guards with professional bearing and proven customer service skill.